About us

Welcome to our St3.pl- website

The St3.pl name traces back to the steel art what will simplify recognizibility of our portal to you. We are one of the biggest portals that are active in the metal industry. Our service was established as a response to a huge demand for services in the metal industry of companies in the Internet for both -big companies and small companies. The goal of our portal is to achieve a strong position on the Internet market through supplying orders that meet deadlines with adhering to high standards.

St3 is a modern, professional Internet platform that was created for promotion of Polish companies that present the metal industry.

Companies which has been activ in this industry for several years and new companies need orders and divers customers. Our portal is a service that facilitates establishing orders and relationships and is the quickest way to gain data and orders in the metal industry. It is an excellent place to present products and service of your companies. The data bank is being kept up to date and extended by our team.